Burning the midnight oil

No post yesterday, as I am rushing to meet a deadline for uni. For those interested I have to annotate a bibliography, and discuss the role of information professionals in knowledge management. Luckily for me, I can lodge it electronically, so there are no trips to uni to post the paper in the essay box with minutes to spare. My deadline  is midnight tonight.

I must admit a perverse joy in studying- even if the universe in the form of cooking, laundry and son, daughter and Mr Bookgrrl conspire against me. And I won’t of course mention the other online distractions of Facebook and Twitter…:)

I will be off the air tomorrow owing to a quick trip to Sydney for a friend’s 40th birthday party. I remember going to his 30th, as Mr Bookgrrl and I had arrived home that morning from our first trip to the UK. This will be the fourth 40th party I have attended of a personal friend- I am getting old…

Have a great weekend. For Australians this Monday is the Queen’s Birthday public holiday- the only day when I am a monarchist!

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