Paint it black

It feels as if winter has finally arrived- my world this morning was grey and misty and most of the trees in the street have lost their leaves.
It made me aware of how important colour is in my life.
BLACK-Yes, yes I know it’s not a colour, but a shade. My favourite colour to wear in my wardrobe, which is a hangover from my days as a Myer shopgirl. You could get 25% off black and white clothing, so I ended up wearing a lot of black in and out of work. And from my art classes eons ago, if you mixed black with yellow you got lovely shades of

GREEN- my son’s favourite colour- he insisted on his room painted in that colour. We have a lovely green vista from our kitchen/dining room into the back yard; lots of rose bushes and hedges and trees. It looks especially prety in the sun, especially against the backdrop of a clear

BLUE sky. Our bedroom is painted Brittany Blue (from Haymes). With the mantlepiece and wardrobes painted white, and the blue and white bedspread, I feel as if I have found my perfect bedroom. My perfect bedroom when younger though would have been

PINK. My daughter’s room is the palest of pink and with the north sun streaming through the window, it feels so light and airy. I had always wanted a pink bedspread, but was overruled by my mum who found a brown and yellow bedspread with girls in bonnets (it was the 70’s). “But I want pink!” I remember saying to mum.”But it’s Sheridan,” was my mum’s reply. I was five- WTF? One thing my mum and I did agree upon was my wearing

RED. Mum liked to dress me in red, and my favourite shoes when I was six were red Mary Janes. I still have a weakness for red Mary Janes and my daughter will no doubt carry on that tradition :). It’s a colour I turn to for comfort- I have a slouchy red cardigan that is years old which I will never throw out, and my two favourite dresses in my wardrobe are red. One is my wedding dress- I had never been a fan of the white meringue look. The other is a fifties-style, waisted with a belt, flared skirt, v-neck collar and short sleeves. It was bought on a whim with a friend and I love it, not just for the colour, but for the way it makes me feel- very flirtatious and sometimes deliciously naughty…


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