Those schoolgirl days Of telling tales, and biting nails, are gone

I came across this post on Twitter this morning about a student who is operating an illicit library from their school locker (thank you @dennisbest).

The book selection is pretty cool and stretches from the Koran to the Canterbury Tales, Dante to Roald Dahl (but no Stephenie Meyer- I like the person already!). It started with a friend wanting to borrow The catcher in the rye and it snowballed from there. The brilliant thing about this is the students are wanting to read them BECAUSE they’re banned- so cool!

It got me thinking about my experiences at my first Catholic secondary school. I remember reading a book which was a text used in our social studies class which had been censored, not by the librarian, but by the principal (who also happened to be a nun). The teacher staged a quiet protest by first reading out the censored bits in class from her text, then later photocopying the censored pages and distributing them in class.

I think since that moment I realised the importance of information and its power. So wherever you are Miss Marks, thank you for doing that.

A study day today- finished one assignment, started another. All in all, a very satisfying day :).


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