Welcome to the House of Fun

Just so you know, I’m insane.

I mean who else would decide to undertake a Masters Degree with two young children? I remember the day in December when I received the letter informing me of a place in the Masters in Information Architecture at Charles Sturt University– because the day before, I had been to the doctor who confirmed that I was pregnant with baby no 2.*

I thought it could be done- I was working part-time, I could study in the afternoon when the kids were napping. And so far it has been done, despite the eldest deciding he didnt need to nap a year into my course :). So the afternoon sessions went out the window.

Now it’s usually a late night task or when I’m working, a study session on the train to work. Which takes over an hour and is another story in itself.

Why am I doing it? Apart from the obvious (I’m insane), it was a way to expand my horizons beyond the library walls and focus on a course that was a hybrid of IT and librarianship. Ideally it would be great to set up an IA/usability consultancy from home, so when the children are in school, I’m not commuting to work full time. Yet who knows what the future holds.

*Yes, two children- boy and girl, 4 and nearly 2. Both into books (where that comes from is anybody’s guess ;))


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