She’s a damsel in distress She feels a damn fool in this dress

My Saturday does not feel complete without my weekend paper The Age. Regardless of what needs doing- shopping, cleaning, studying- I find time to read it. During the week, I am happy to read it online, but Saturday is all about the feel of inky newsprint at the kitchen table with a cup of tea- milk, no sugar.

I enjoyed reading For the love of Austen, which is an edited extract from Jane’s fame: how Hane Austen conquered the world. I started reading Jane Austen at the ripe old age of 25, in my first year as a librarian. Pride and Prejudice was my first, and still my favourite. I’ll reread it every year.  I enjoy the novels as both historical commentaries on the gentleman class (for want of a better term- apologies to all historians), and the eternal story of boy meets girl.

I also admire her ability to create something and forge a career, undoubtedly from necessity. Unlike some of her heroines (I’m thinking of Marianne in Sense and Sensibility) she was no damsel in distress.

Hmm- have inadvertently confirmed yet another stereotype of the librarian who loves to read…well, I loved to read before I was a librarian, and being a librarian was not my first career choice, so I don’t think it really applies 🙂


2 thoughts on “She’s a damsel in distress She feels a damn fool in this dress

    • As I adjust my glasses to take a closer look at what you said, P.S. I will state- you are a bigger nerd than I. You would be an uber nerd, and I am, alas, a library nerd. Goodnight sir

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