Are librarians good in bed?

A friend posted an article from that quality newspaper The Sun, (tongue firmly in cheek) about how IT Workers are best in bed. I have no wish to refute the findings of the survey; in fact my personal experience would confirm the statement 🙂

It got me thinking, yet again, about that image of the librarian as a stuffy matronly frump, a shrivelled-up sexless prune, who would shriek at the sight of an erect penis- which is so not me (though an erect penis can be funny…).

I know in some rarified (and enlightened) circles, there is the image of the sexy librarian, but this works only in the grim reality  that there is no real place for kitten heels, especially if you’re on your feet for most of the day.

Maybe the library profession may attract a conservative element, but from a male friend who has worked with librarians, and bedded  a few, we  can “go off like a frog in a sock”.

And if you added the spice of overcoming baggage from a strict Catholic upbringing to the mix, you can certainly count yourself fortunate to encounter such a person.

And to answer the question I raised- we can be. I’ve had no complaints 🙂

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