The serendipity of op-shopping

One of the joys of going for a fossick in an opshop is that you never know what you will find.It is so hard to go past one, even if it is for a browse, and with most of the stock reasonably priced, you can justify handing over a couple of dollars for something which catches your eye.

It is even better when you shop out of town, or at a shop you haven’t visited. The stock is different, it appears fresh and there is always that feeling you are walking into a cave of treasures.

A month ago I had been in Geelong at the Vines Road Vinnies where my mum volunteers and found a pair of gorgeous shoes for $8.50. I had to use my card for EFTPOS and to make it up to the minimum $10, I picked up a bag for $5.50.

New Shoes!

New bag!

Another visit to the same store a couple of weeks ago dropping off the little BGs for a sleepover with Nana and Papa*  saw me walk out with a dress for $8.00, which I promptly wore out for my night at the movies with Mr BG.

New dress!

Coming home to Ballarat, I stopped in at a Salvation Army Thrift store I had never visited before in Ballarat and found a skirt for $2.50 and a belt for $1.00.

New skirt!

*Yes, two nights of coupledom, whereupon we went out to the movies, I drank a martini, went out for breakfast, washed the car inside and out and scrapbooked. It was lovely.

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6 responses to “The serendipity of op-shopping

  1. Tony

    Great shoes!! Lucky you. Sadly, all the good men’s clothes seem to have vanished.

    • bookgrrl

      I’ll occasionally shop for Mr BG but it’s hard to find good clothes for men. The clothes have either ended up on eBay, rather than in an op-shop, or in a vintage store which sells menswear at a premium. The men’s clothes that do end up at op-shops are more heavily worn than womens wear- we tend to rotate clothes more frequently.

  2. I love a good fossick in an op shop. Great for old picture frames and glass. I do framing and glass is very expensive to buy.

    • bookgrrl

      Having had items framed, I know what you mean about expensive glass. Op shops are a great way to reuse and repurpose secondhand items. There really is something for everyone there.

    • bookgrrl

      Hi Michelle, it certainly was, and an impulse buy to boot. What’s more, it’s lining OS cream, so I’m more likely to find my phone, purse and keys in it now :)

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